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Improve your English at a professional level


At DarKha Academy, our Adult English classes are interactive and dynamic. We cater to all learning levels from beginners A1 to advanced C2, and focus on learning pertinent  and practical language to strengthen your fluency and language comprehension.

Studying English is an exciting, motivating, practical and satisfying experience.


Preparation to pass official tests and exams


For many adults, learning the English language can be a life-changing experience.

We place great emphasis on speaking, allowing students to gain confidence and fluency, in a relaxed environment. Listening and reading comprehension skills and written expression are also practiced. We know that many of our students need certification of their studies, for this reason we prepare them for the Cambridge, Oxford, and Aptis exams, as well as for the "speaking" for the EOI.

We offer courses for beginners A1 and A2, intermediate B1 and B2 and for advanced C1, schedules adapted to your needs with annual intensity, intensive, and 1-2-1.


Adult Immersion Activities

As a student and or parent at DarKha Academies, you are welcome to participate in weekly immersion activities for adults. These are bilingual events and are social in nature: you can practice your less dominate language in the company of natives and other language learners. the activities include a Bi-Monthly Book Club, Cooking Classes, Social Hour and Game Nights, Hiking, and Skill Sharing such as knitting, Cultural Excursions , Salsa Dancing, to name a few. Some classes provide additional classes for the children. Contact us for details!

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