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The Castillito

At the foot of a mountain, upon which stood a great and mighty Castle, nestled a little castle. It was a happy little castle complete with a patio for animals, a deep well for clear water, and a strong Gothic arch by way to enter. The little castle took care of many families, endured fire and war and the changing times until... Until the last grandchildren stopped visiting and the last grandmother was taken away. The little castle was no longer safe to live in. Yet, the little castle continued to endure as walls caved, and pidgins nested in the gaps, and the winds blew through broken windows .


One day, Darcie opened the door and peeked in.  The little castle felt embarrassed; she was crumbing, sagging, and empty. But Darcie only saw a Castillito. She saw, as she peered down the well and up to the arch, what Emilio and Emilio-Son were later to create. Welcome to El Castillito, Home of DarKha Academy

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