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Sunset and Palm Trees

El Camino Real: California 2023

The Voyage  to America

The Adventure!

17 days of English/Spanish language and culture experience based in The Owens Valley, California. Our intrepid adventurers will fly into San Francisco and spend a couple days before heading to the base in Bishop, California. The trip ends after spending a few days in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Disneyland. We will fly out of Los Angeles, Californian.

Morning Classes: from Monday thur Thursday, the adventurers will dedicate themselves to the great feat of learning English/Spanish. Classes will be taught by native, English and American teachers.

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Afternoons Excursions: Monday thur Thursday are filled with cultural activities and excursions to the Sierra Nevada mountains, Native American Indian Reservation, Wild West Ghost Town of Bodie, Gondola up to Mammoth Mountain Peak. Our group of Americans will be accompanied by our group of Spaniards learning English.

Friday thru Sunday are reserved for cultural trips to Southern California, beaches and attractions; and, Las Vegas, Death Valley and attractions.

Enrollment is limited to 10 students.

The San Juan Capistrano Mission built when California was still part of Spain.

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