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Teaching and Au pair Opportunities

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School Children

Learn Spanish and Play in English

Au pair en Valencia, Spain

Interested in a Teaching/Learning Beach Vacation? During summer break in Spain, the Valencia families all head to the beach on Mediterranean Sea, to escape the heat. Many parents still need to work and some just want a break. However, they all want their children to learn English. Consider using your native English-speaking talents along with your creativity, exuberant energy, curiosity for all things Spanish and Valencian to teach and play with the children at the beach!

Each family will have their individual needs, however, the base is the following:

    Live-In: 80€/$95 per a 30 h week. (Hours per day/week are according to individual situation.)


    Live-Out: 130€/$148 per a 30 h week. (Hours per day/week are according to individual situation.)

For those who are interested in the live-out option, you will need to arraign your own living situation or we can arraign it for you.

Weeks available: mid-June through end of July. (Beginning and ending weeks are according to individual situation.)

Application, processing and placement fee is 50€/60$

Arrange for your own transportation to and from Cullera, Valencia or Valencia Capital, or let us know if you need transportation.


Teach English in Spain

By sharing your linguistic talents, you could explore  castles and  excellent food, meet  new friends and exotic lands.  In this cultural exchange opportunity, you would teach a class, a workshop, or a seminar in English on something you are passionate about, and have the perfect opportunity to explore a new culture. The schedules and topics are flexible. Contact us for more information!

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