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Why DarKha?

Our Mission & Vision

We believe you can attain your communication goals through effective guidance and support. We believe in a multilingual world in which we can grow together.

Communication is our keyword as an objective to learn at any age.


Our center facilitates learning English by motivating students to learn in the classroom or through online classes through linguistic immersion. We present and practice the language with creativity, arts, reading, grammar and vocabulary resources, cooking classes, science projects, social activities, book clubs, hiking excursions. We have a staff of dynamic, creative and supportive teachers. Its fundamental values ​​are: creativity, harmony, dignity, aesthetics and autonomy and above all, communication.

Our vision is to provide high-quality English lessons that provide a transformative learning experience for all of our students of all ages. An attractive and effective teaching is offered. Based on our core values ​​and the best and most up-to-date UK and USA educational  practices. This enables our students to achieve their academic ambitions and lifetime goals. At the same time, we encourage their individual talents and emphasize the importance of educating the whole student using multiple intelligences. We teach through arts, crafts, science, cooking, and games. We teach differently so they can learn differently. We are determined to make a positive difference in the future of our students and their families,

Our Mission & Vision

Communication is our keyword as an objective to learn at any age.


Our school displays all the work that students have done. It gives students a sense of pride in what they do. .


We engage in behavior that may be consistent with our intrinsic goals and results. 


This is something we constantly strive for and really need. If there is harmony in our school, everything around us is at peace with the world.


We are a school that is very proud of our work and we respect and expect respect from those around us. We are aware that respect must be earned. 


This gives us the passion we crave and need at our best. The passion extends to others, in this case our students and customers. 

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