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Children's Courses

Not only de we provide classes during the regular school year, we are also open for the Fallas (Easter) and Christmas Holiday breaks, and during the summer. Our academy provides parents with a fun and educational option for their children.


Available times

  • 2 days a week 1h/day

  • 1 day a week 1h/ day

  • 2 days/week 1h/day 12.45 to 13.45

  • Saturday Club (3h/day) 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Children receive school reports twice a year.


Under 3 years | Fun English

We are excited about our new Kindergarten program for children under 3 years of age.

The class meets one hour per week (without mothers) and is based on learning through play. The children and teacher play together with the teacher constantly speaking in English.

The program also includes various puzzles, games, songs, and stories. The advantage of this class is that children learn key words and understand simple instructions which is invaluable to improve their listening skills and plant seeds for speaking when they reach age three. Spaces are limited.


Children 3 to 6 years | Interactive English

Classes for children under the age of 7 focus on multiple intelligence learning.

All learning is through activities, crafts, games, songs, and cooking. A strong emphasis is placed on speaking and listening. Confidence is key when learning a language and children get it here at DarKha English Academy.

Classes are taught by qualified native English teachers. Parents can see their children in class at any time, and videos and photos of their progress are sent to parents via WhatsApp.


From 7 to 11 years | Communicative English

Children participate in arts, singing and cooking: multiple intelligence activities which reinforce learning English.

Classes for children aged 7-11 are delivered through interactive activities using a course book for structure, some books are from Macmillan/Cambridge/Oxford publishers.

At the age of 12 they are given individual 'Speaking' sessions. Messages, videos, and photos of their progress are sent regularly to parents.


Learning Principles

Preschool and Primary levels: The principles of early language acquisition are based on three areas:

1. Understanding the ability to grasp ideas.
2. Learning should be fun and multisensory (ears, eyes and touch).
3. Activities must be action oriented – student participation in the useful and authentic use of the language, through play.

When younger children feel safe in their environment, they naturally want to learn and explore using all the abilities they have. At DarKha English Academy, our teachers provide a rich environment with specific goals in mind.​

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