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Mexican Adventure!

Explore all the pyramids, dance with the Aztecs, relax with homemade horchata on a warm Mexican evening

In this adventure, we will:
Take a day trip to the Archaeological Museum and other sites in Mexico City with a guide.
Go to Tlaminca to explore the archaeological site and rich history with a guide.
Walk around the pyramids with a guide
Take a nature walk in the surrounding area.
Visit the Basilica in Mexico City.
Enjoy Mexican movie nights.
Participate in hands-on culture classes that include history, mythology, art, and language.


Medellin Bridge crosses the Guadiana River


Hernan Cortez in his hometown of Medellin

APRIL 2022

A closed Mexican retirement home in San Sebastián Xolopan. It is adjacent to the ancient city of Teotihuacan and is located at the very site of the pyramids.


- Accommodation and meals (all homemade, healthy and authentic Mexican meals).
- Round trip flight from Los Angeles to Mexico City.
- All transportation to and from the airport and events.
- All events and cultural activities.

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