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Moms And Babies

Initial stimulation of English for babies accompanied by their mothers (or fathers, grandparents....). These immersion classes are fun and playful for the little ones in the house.


English Classes for Moms and Babies

From birth to 3 years

We are proud to announce our fastest growing class at DarKha Academy. Classes are 1 hour long with three per week.


We have the newborn class for small babies. These classes run at a more leisurely pace. Moms sing with their babies and help move their body parts in time to the music. The songs are repetitive. 

Our other classes are for walking children up to age three. Here we sing, participate in craft and culinary activities, dance and play musical instruments. Balls, parachutes, books, toys, music and bubbles are introduced.


These classes help build your child's confidence, develop social skills, agility and coordination. Research shows that the brain develops and absorbs an enormous amount of change during the first three years. Our classes will foster that development and cultivate life skills. Darcie, the teacher, is a native speaker and a qualified teacher. 

Videos, photos and helpful tips as well as blogs are sent after each session to enhance your child's development.

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